Established in 1983, Century Arms Corp. is a reputed indian exporter offering a vast and diversified range of arms and armours. Our specialization includes Mughal, Sikh, Rajput, Maratha, Persian, Ottoman, Iranian, Arab, Russian arms and Armours.

At Century Arms Corporation we design and fabricate beautiful weapons to suit our client’s aesthetic sense. Every piece is a work of art, ideal for display or a costume for re-enactment on stage. Our goal is to be “one stop shop” for all needs of re-enactors or historical needs. Our main emphasis is to keep alive the traditional Koftgari Art which is on verge of extinction.

We are exporting our inventory to USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Israel, Czech Republic, Russia, South Africa and the Middle Eastern Countries etc. regularly.

  • Tulwar
  • Katar
  • Khanda
  • Friangi
  • Bichwa 
  • Char-Ania
  • Zirah Bakhtar
  • Dasthan
  • Dhal
  • Bajuband
  • Kulah Khud         
  • Kulah Zirah
  • Khanjarli
  • Bagh-Nakh
  • Shamshir             
  • Zulfikar
  • Tegha   
  • Jambiya 
  • Yatagan
  • Kard
  • Peshkabz
  • Karud
  • Khyber Choora   
  • Gurj
  • Ankus   
  • Karabela
  • Kindjal Shaska    
  • Daggers
  • Armour
  • Jacket   
  • Chain-mail
  • Knives

Mr. Mohan Singh Chauhan is lucky, who got inherent profession by birth in the Sikligar (khandiya Kshatriya) community and achieved status of Koftgari art artisanship by the blessing of goddess “ASHAPURA MATAJI”. In the childhood automatically innovation developed in the mind and started work in the family workshop devoted in learning of skill, knowledge and art of damascening gold and silver.
  In year 1970 Mr. Singh associated with big houses of art and culture where worked more then 30 years to promote “koftgari art”. More than 10 thousand various kind of items were damascened in gold. All items manufactured were appreciated on national and international level by the business houses. Mr. Singh groomed his own three children’s Rishi Chauhan, Rahul Chauhan, & Sandeep Singh Chauhan in the inherent profession in last 15 years. The quality, skills, and knowledge were inherent as a children’s, now it is felt by the family to promote “koftgari art” in the global world.
Meaning of Koftgari Art
“koftgari art means profusely ornamented with floral and creeper design on steel in gold or silver damascening”
“An art floral, creeper design and contemporary miniature painting on steel to damascened in gold/silver are affixed is called koftgari"
“Gold & silver wire inlaid or gilded on various kinds of iron to ornamental work is called koftgari”
History of Art
History of Koftgari art is as old as Indian civilization. India was a place where different cast, community & religion governed the system of Nawab, Princess, & Jagirdars. All rulers were fond of Koftgari art to decorate the domestic weapons damascened in gold & silver. In the 14th & 15th century there are 7 culture were developed by rulers & it was period of golden history of Indian art. The prosperity was symbolized as a prestige in the 14th century by Hindus and Muslim rulers. The Shape of Country was different & it was know as state of Mewar, states of Gujarat, states of Marwar, states of Awadh, states of Bengal, and states of Peshawar etc. Weapons were parts of the lifes where they used weapons in four shape:
In the peace time weapons were used as a symbol of state and status of individual.
In the time of war weapons were used as a security measure and line of discipline, it is important to mention the distribution of weapons and their use in battlefield were based on the design if cultural art.
For gift purpose from state to state or nobles.
In the temples, God are always decorated with weapons/arms.

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